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First Responders & Veterans

You are the reason I became a yoga teacher

I would love to come to a station or firehouse to do a quick yoga session for your team coming on or off a shift. Please email or text, if you are interested, and we can discuss details.

Here is a podcast I did with the Utah FOP:

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Research shows yoga and meditation are effective in reducing trauma and alleviating symptoms of PTSD. Yoga can help reset the nervous system. Your body is holding on to the trauma, even if you have pushed it aside. If the men and women on the police force were more informed on how normal it is to have PTS after a traumatic event, they would be more willing to seek help. PTSD is a normal human reaction to abnormal human experiences (Kates, CopShock). As the wife of a first responder/veteran, I am on your side; I see you.

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