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How I Found the Eight Limbs of Yoga

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

I started practicing yoga when I was pregnant with my first child. I was hooked immediately. It's been nearly 19 years since I rolled out my first mat.

Pretty soon, a girlfriend and I were doing yoga at the local gym several times a week. We were pretty dedicated, sometimes even waking up at 4:30 am to make it to the first class.

Another friend of mine, who ran the scheduling for the 4H club, found out I had been practicing yoga. She asked if I would be willing to teach some elementary kids once a week for a few months. This opened my heart to teaching, and I knew that I wanted to teach yoga. Someday.

"Someday" came around in 2019 when I wanted to bring yoga to first responders and veterans. My husband gave me the nudge that I needed, and I signed up for an online 200 hour yoga teacher training.

In 2020, the pandemic hit. It was a rough time for all of us, but one of the blessings I received was that my online classes would now be recognized by Yoga Alliance. I was very excited!

While working for my certificate, I learned something that I'd never known before. "Yoga" as we westerners call it, is actually just one limb (asana) of the eight limb path of yoga. This eight limb path is called ashtanga (not to be confused with ashtanga yoga, one of the many yoga methods out there).

My mind was blown. I was so excited! I was telling everybody who would listen about this new (to me) discovery. I decided to make it my mission to educate more people about this.

Now my yoga practice is much more meaningful. I strive to live my life in harmony to this peaceful, calm, and loving culture. I once heard someone say that if everyone on the planet would practice yoga, we would have world peace. I remember thinking, well, that's quite a stretch, when I first heard it, but now I know what was meant by this statement; and I agree with it.

This is why I have developed this Yoga Workbook. It brings the western practice of "yoga" together with the other seven limbs of the yoga path.

I will be releasing this pdf workbook next week. I hope you'll check it out.

❤️ Kristy Bockholt (owner and founder of Unbroken Yoga)

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